Joon, Air France’s new airline has been specifically targeted towards millennials. Do you feel special yet? The airline, which is a subsidiary of Air France, initially began operating medium hauled flights last year, and this summer they graduated in too long haul services. Joon was created with the intent to establish a new, affordable operation with a unique marketing style that called out millennials. Air France’s pilots have been piloting the planes, but new lower cost flight attendants have been hired by the airline. The marketing for Joon, as millennials would say is a bit “extra”, and gives you yet another reason to buy Air France miles.

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What Makes Joon A Great Choice For Millennials

Joon Is specially targeted at a young, working customer, whose life revolves around digital technology. Air France designed and created this brand to meet their requirements and aspirations, with an authentic offering that stood out in the world of air travel industry. Millennials find themselves drawn to brands that they can connect with, and that is why Joon has evolved into a successful lifestyle brand and a state of mind that connected with the young mindset.

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The successful launch of the airline has airline loyalty members eager to buy Air France miles in order to get a better deal on their already affordable airline tickets. The Mileage Club offers the lowest rates on Air France miles, which helps young travelers save money on their Joon or Air France tickets.

This summer saw Joon start its long-haul flights, which now operate to the following long-haul design

  • Fortaleza, Brazil (for now there are only 2 weekly flights ), starting at 249EUR including tax.
  • Mahe, Seychelles (as of right now the airline has 3 weekly flights), starting at 299EUR including taxations.

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The above rates seem pretty reasonable, right? Well, if you plan your trip smartly and buy Air France miles from The Mileage Club you can end up saving even more on your airline ticket. Not only that, if you have a reward seat in sight, and don’t have enough airline miles to book it, well you know what to do, buy Air France miles from the Mileage Club.

What To Expect Onboard Joon

Like most budget airlines drinks and food will be offered for free in business class, and passengers in the economy can purchase their snacks during the flight. On a happier note drinks such as water, orange juice, tea, and coffee are free for passengers flying in economy class, which isn’t a bad deal at all, because most budget airlines don’t offer them.

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Also, since the airline carters to millennials and is well aware of their obsession with organic things, it sells 20% organic treats onboard the flight. It’s safe to say they know their market quite well. If that doesn’t set your little millennial heart aflutter, then maybe this will, business class passengers will get virtual reality headsets. These states of the art headsets provide several improvements such as a high-definition screen and a diopter correction which adapts to everyone’s eyes.

The airline aims at providing low-cost travel opportunity that targets a certain generation, and we at The Mileage Club aim at improving that experience by offering low-cost Air France miles.

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