Luggage or suitcase identification brands like samsonite, American Tourist, Harrods, etc are very important to make your trip less stressful and timely. Whether it’s a suitcase or carry –on luggage.

This summer, are you a business class traveller, leisure or young traveller. Your careful and deliberate process of handling your trip will make it enjoyable and rewarding. Normally a business traveller needs a platform to have a seamless travel trip at the airport, and a customer service environment and friendly airport staff. This service would not be satisfied when on arrival for your business trip, your items are delayed or outrightly missing.

With this in mind, planning your trip, and paying attention to these simple process will go a long way to save you cost and unnecessary hassles.

Airport activities and passenger flow will be on the increase this summer at the various terminals and connecting points.IATA says…Each day more than $18.6 Billion of goods travel by air and its 1/3 of world trade by value. As travellers it is your responsibility to itemize the content in your luggage, and have useful information to provide to the airline personnel when the need arises. At this time, some of the travellers arrive their destination and find their suitcase or luggage has been stolen, lost or damaged and some items are lost.

This is very possible where your luggage is delayed and probably the tag is not seen, and there are several types of brands of the same luggage missing or at the hub station or departing station.