Camair-co (Cameroon Airlines Cooperation) will commence operation to Bamenda, by July 20, 2017.

This is part of the restructuring plan by the management to start new domestic routes and increase frequency across the country.

On Tuesday, July 4, Camair-co completed it’s maiden test flight to Bamenda, with the MA60 Aircraft, From the Douala international airport. The plane landed at 11.10 at the Bamenda airport (Abakwa).

According to online report, the airline is set to make the inaugural flight on July 20, 2017.For more on the schedule, kindly visit

The airline has temporarily suspended its operation to Lagos (Nigeria).This is part of the General Manager, Ernest Dikoum, restructuring plan to come back better and stronger.

Passenger can now make seamless connections from Douala to any region of their choice. Plan for your leisure, holiday trip and discover Bamenda.


Camair-co Domestic Routes:

Douala: Yauounde – Bafoussam – Ngaoundere – Garoua – Maroua