A radio programme focusing on insights into the activities, lifestyles,personalities, organisations, services and products in the aviation sector and the consumer in general.

It is a people oriented and focuses on both serious and informal aspects of the sector.Its simple and lively presentation style will help listeners appreciate and get the best of thier air travels accross the country and all over the world.


The programme aims at attracting  a general audience made up of entrepreneurs,traders, business people,professionals and other watchers and users of the aviation sector with its stylishly packaged segements which include:

  • Leisure and business travels information and entertainment
  • Flight schedule :Schedule of flights on major domestics and foreign routes,with promotional fares and offers
  • News/Trends: Weekly news briefs and trends in the industry
  • Consumer Awareness: Experts opinions featured

MEDIUM: Aired by radio sponsorship


  • Educating the listening public on the opportunuties and safety mechanism available for safe flights in the country and abroad
  • Presenting a platform for players in the aviation industry, most especially regulatory authorities to present scorecards and educate the public about issues in the industry
  • Helping the people cherish and celebrate the enormous contributions of the companies /organisations to the global economy and society.
  • Letting the public know the various products and services as well as any special offers by them
  • Attracting more patronage to the companies /organisations as well as serving as image booster for all the companies /organisations
  • Enhance a business consumer friendly environment in promoting information disemination



Consumer aviation radio programme offers a unique opportunities and platform for players and allied industry to participate and showcase their numerous products and services

Benefits include but not limited to the following:

  • Mention and media presence in all promotional materials
  • Advert(s) in each episode
  • Corporate profile in each quarter
  • Coverage of corporate events
  • Jingle
  • Corporate aviation
  • Promotional opportunities /windows on the programme